Youtube.. my thoughts

26 Nov

I think posting videos is pretty neat. I did like bits of the experience. I do not like the idea of filming myself, but if it was someone else.. all for it!

I also didn’t like how difficult it was for me to get my video to load properly. I think It is possible that I was more of the problem, or my computer than anything; but it did tale a few days of several attempts! youtube did not seem to like my video.


I think Youtube could be used well within a business; depending on the business. I do not see myself using Youtube in the future much, but I could see the draw to get the younger crowds attetion- not to mention how great it would be if it went viral.


MY Video..

26 Nov

My Video is under Heather Harris.. Event Planning dos and Don’ts ! ENJOY

Videos I thought were useful…

26 Nov

This video is all about how to be the best event planner you could be.. It gives you tips, advice and ideas…

This video demonstrates the 10 most common mistakes events planners make and how to avoid them yourself…

These are event marketing tips.. how to make sure your company gets noticed!

Creating my own Podcast

12 Nov

I think Podcasting is an interesting way to get ideas and thoughts across to your audience. I do not love the idea of having my voice and thoughts out in the world, I find podcasting much more personal than blogging or creating a website. I was very surprised by how quickly time went. I wasn’t sure I would be able to fill 3 minutes, but apparently it is rather easy… what does that say about me?

My Podcast

12 Nov


Podcasts and how they can work for you

12 Nov

Podcasts are a great way to stay informed and up to date during your commute to work, at the gym or even while you cook a fantastic meal for dinner. Podcasts work well when developing a blog because it allows people to learn about your blog through a different medium. It is a great way for the creator to get ideas and thoughts down in a fast and effective way. I think as an event planner having a podcast would be a great way to interact and develop customer and client relations. It is also a great way to get your name and voice out to the public, and let people know you are personable and knowledgeable in what you do.

Social Media Podcast

12 Nov

This podcast is all about how social media works, and what doesn’t work. They go to different events and figure how company’s went wrong and what they did exceptionally well. This is a great way to look at what you are doing for your company and how to improve in the future.